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Thanh Hoa Television Application is an online news system of Thanh Hoa Radio and Television Station, which helps users easily follow local and national hot events on both
Television and Radio platforms. , and offers unlimited unique entertainment video and audio.
Thanh Hoa TV application opens up a variety of digital utilities, providing a full experience with outstanding features
1. Easily select your favorite program.
- Watch online programs of Thanh Hoa Radio and Television
- Review broadcasts
- Follow the broadcast schedule of the day and the days before and after
2. Diversity of digital content:
- 16 news categories are updated every day.
- Accompany with the vibrant local and national life.
- Follow the local digital transformation application progress.
3. Choose your favorite reading format:
- Image post format.
- Long, in-depth news articles.
Infographic – Short, concise content and logical illustrations.
4. Video Channels:
- Watch all the special programs of Thanh Hoa Radio and Television Station.
- Choose to watch by specific program, collection.
- Some thematic videos include gameshows, reportages, documentaries, memoirs...
- Ethnic language video about life, business activities and culture of people in the western part of Thanh Hoa province.
- Documentaries, reportages, local reports and prominent contributors.
5. Radio/Podcasts:
- Easily keep track of your favorite radio schedule, topics or shows.
- Review the broadcasted news.
- Theme music.
- Literature and art of Thanh
- Radio story

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