Aren't you giving up because your age is already your age?
Jukuren Mairi eliminates all unnecessary things in order to realize stress-free operability for the Showa generation! !
It is the one and only app for seniors that was developed with safety and security as the first priority.
We hope that people in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and older will feel the joy of love on that day and use it as an opportunity for a second life.
◆I like two people more than one person
◆ Even though it's a long-awaited holiday, one person is bored
◆ Traveling is fun because we go together
◆Sake is delicious because we drink it together
◆Who you eat with is more important than what you eat
These days, when the number of people living alone is increasing, I think there are many people who have this kind of feeling.
In today's society, services are enriched, and touch panel ordering at restaurants and unmanned cash registers at convenience stores have become commonplace.
However, it is very important to have the opportunity to gain the [warmth of cuddling] because we are losing the original [joy of sharing with someone].
Jukuren Mairi is an app that specializes in resolving such loneliness! !
That's why everyone visits for love...
We will provide the joy of [old age] in [new age].
Experience the fulfillment of your wishes at Jukuren Mairi.
・You must agree to the terms of use before using this service.
・If we detect a violation of the terms of use, we will immediately withdraw from the membership without notice.
・Children under the age of 18, such as junior high and high school students, cannot use this facility.
・ Solicitation to other apps or other sites unrelated to this app, or any other act of guidance is prohibited.
・Prostitution and similar use is prohibited.
・ Posting of excessive sexual expressions and expressions such as slander may be immediately withdrawn.

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