Thermometer For Room Temp 1.005881.05 [free]


Indoor Thermometer Room Temperature Meter.
Thermometer For Room Temp
"Measure temperature unit type Celsius (°C), Fahrenheit(°F).
Measure ""indoor"" room temperature and ""outdoor"" temperature and humidity based on your location."
Simple thermometer room temperature measures ambient temperature inside and outside.
Use the automatic geolocation to get a very precise outside air temperature of the place where you are, wherever you are.
You can measure today temperature live using this real time temperature monitoring app and humidity meter. Now days we face room heat problems so now we can easily track
temperatures using this temp detector highest temperature problems. Accurate thermometer shows outdoor and indoor temperature.
Room temperature application is an application which measures the temperature of your room and your surroundings .
Thermometer measure your room temperature using mobile sensor.
Ui for thermometer looks like elctronic thermometer.
On Functionality based we can call this app Air Meter, Humidity Meter, Today Temperature Meter, Live Weather and Thermometer.
Accurate thermometer shows outdoor and indoor temperature.
- Measures room temperature.
- For a better precision, thermometer uses integrated sensor to measure inside temperature.
- Localisation allows to get outside temperature.
- Measures units are Celsius, Fahrenheit.
- Indicates weather conditions as icons.
- Hygrometer measures humidity
- Change Bg colour
- Change Languages
How to check current temperature meter for room?
1. You just need to open the app and wait 1-2 seconds.
2. turn on the internet and the navigation device will return you the weather where you live
3. Check actual temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit!
► Note!
*For the external thermometer to work, an internet connection is necessary to be able to collect the data.
*Because Thermometer - Hygrometer , Weather Now measure temperature and humidity according to location, please allow the turned position..
*Sometimes there is a need for calibration, so please leave your phone on a flat place, without touching it about 5-10 minutes. Then it will give you the correct indoor and
outdoor temperature.
*Keep away from too hot or too cold objects for better results.
*When your phone is in use the battery warms up and temperature is measured highe

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  • Updated: 2022-11-24